The Future of Streaming is powered by Shoppable Ads.

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Reimagine your TV ads, powered by tallio.

Make your ads shoppable and generate new revenue streams while engaging your audience during their user journey smarter.

Too lazy to cook on movie night? Order a pizza from the screen.

Engage your Live Sports Audience with Smart tallio Shoppable Ads.

Help your advertisers to engage better and sell more at the right moment of the game.

Friends came over to watch the game? Don’t forget the drinks (buy with your remote).

Think Global or engage local with tallio GEO ads.

Help advertisers engage your audience in local markets. tallio shoppable ads can help you engage your customers beyond traditional commerce.

Sell local event tickets, create live polls, or push public announcements on micro levels.

Grow Your Ad-Supported Streaming Subscribers with tallio Shoppable Ads

tallio smart streaming commerce platform is fully integrated with your CDP, SDKs, martech, and e-commerce platform for real-time personalized user engagement.

Being fully compatible with your Martech engagement platforms, tallio dynamically generates personalized smart shoppable ads for each specific user, processed by our AI engine. tallio provides multiple engagement solutions, such as QR codes, CTAs, push to voice, follow-up emails, SMS, and more. All analytics are streamed back to your CDP and e-commerce engine in real-time.

Jessie Msaw her shirt
Brian Asaw his shirt
They both have watched the same content, while logged in. tallio is smart.

tallio helps:

  • Minimizes viewer interruption
  • Increased user engagement
  • Creates new revenue streams
  • Reduces your costs of making TV ads

Tired of traditional ads disrupting your favorite shows ? Yeah, we know the feeling.

tallio won`t stop you from watching your favorite movie or game for 5 minutes every hour.

tallio stands for:

  • Helps you grow your commerce
  • Give you real-time analytics
  • Better customer loyalty

Dave books his test drive with his phone keeping an eye on the show.

tallio is convenient while practical.

tallio grows your:

  • 1st party data
  • Local advertising partners
  • Lead generation
... and serves the business, while making the consumers’ life easy
the smart way.